{Baby Savannah}- San Diego Newborn Photographer

Normally during a newborn session, I have a handful of props all lined up ready to go and have a “plan of attack” in mind that will allow me to go from one set up to another nice and easy.  Most of the time, I can get all of the ideas squeezed in, sometimes I have to leave a few things out because baby might be too overwhelmed after a couple of hours, and sometimes you get a baby like Savannah who you just can’t keep up with!  Oh my word!  This little one never made a fuss, let me do all kinds of fun things with her, and never made a peep!  Squishy, beautiful, and absolutely perfect.

Meet Savannah…

Isn’t she just wonderful?  Can’t believe I did this session a couple of months ago already… one day I will be up to date on blogging sessions… that day is nowhere in sight though!  Lot’s more to share this week including the November addition of “What to Wear”, an ode to Pinterest, and an adorable head band tutorial! Learn to make one of these very soon!!!

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