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My babies are growing up

*tear tear, sob sob* The kids going back to school this year was especially hard… my 11 year old started his first year of MIDDLE SCHOOL and my baby started KINDERGARTEN!  Holy crap is all I could think!  Well that AND “Boy am I getting old”!  Both Blake and Makena were really excited though and…

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Don’t you judge me!

I think it’s pretty hilarious how some people in my last post said things like “Oh, I wish I was that organized!”  and “Thanks for the inspiration!”  Little do you know that I have a dirty little secret… I cannot even believe I am sharing this, it’s so wrong on SO many levels!  Don’t you…

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A little piece of my space (s)

Fortunately we have a pretty big house… unfortunately it means that I am able to keep crap EVERYWHERE lol!  My husband says that I have a way of spreading my “office” all over the house!  But thankfully, I am able to confine all my gear and goodies in my office!  I do most of my…

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