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Quick newborn sessions & “studio” set up

A couple of months ago I had posted some pictures of my newborn “studio” AKA my bedroom and it seemed to help some people who were just starting out and wanted some ideas on how to set up a session.  After getting my “newborn nest” from Mindy a few weeks ago, I knew I had…

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Dedicated to typography

I have always been a fan of random letters and all things “typography” so when Makena grabbed her “M” from the play room way back this past spring and started parading around with it, the idea for these storyboard’s hit me like a ton of bricks!  I took a couple of pictures of her dancing…

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My in home “newborn studio”

I had been asked about my home “studio” and how I set up my space on Facebook a couple of months ago and it seemed to be helpful to a few people who were just starting out, so I figured I might as well share the info. here as well and add some things I…

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