Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m interested in custom design services, what do you offer and how much are your packages?

- See my design information HERE

2. I have my own logo, can you create my blog and/or business set around that?

- YES!  Although, I do like creating my brands from scratch, often times I will find clients either don’t want to invest in another logo OR they truly love what they have already.  No need to change it, we can build on it!  If you find that you aren’t 100% happy with your current logo though, I will NOT take the files and make any changes to them.  You will have to go to the original designer for that OR you can me start from scratch to create one for you.

3. How long is the wait list and how do I get on it?

- Currently, my wait list is nearly booked thru May.  You can place yourself on the wait list HERE.

4.  What kind of files do you provide for each of your services and how is everything sent?

Logo’s- rasterized PSD, PNG, and ABR brush file

Blog’s- if you are installing and customizing your blog yourself, I provide you with the web ready files (background, header, social media, and post divider)

Business Set’s- as with most of my templates in the shop, I provide the fully layered PSD files.  Having these files will allow clients/customers to edit and change colors, text, etc. whenever they like.

Upon final design approval & payment, you will be sent a direct download link to your files within 24 hours.

5. What type of program do I need to work with your files/templates?

All of my files are created and tested in PhotoShop CS5.  You will need a basic knowledge of layered PSD files, clipping masks, etc. to use your files.  If you have a program that supports layered files, then you will be able to make changes.

6.  How long do each of your services take?

Once it is your turn on the wait list:

Logo’s- 2-3 days

Blog’s 2-3 days

Mini Identity Branding 3-5 days

Full Identity Branding 5-7 days

Please note that I do my best to stay on task and complete each of my projects in a timely manner.  My schedule is currently booked a few months out and I only work with one client at a time.  If you are difficult to reach during the course of the project and there are large lapses between emails/correspondence, your project will most likely take longer than anticipated. Clients expect my full, undivided attention while creating for them, and in order to complete everything, I ask the same during the process.

7.  What lab do you create your templates for?

Most items are created for printing with WHCC, but a few items use Miller’s specs.

8.  I’m interested in your full identity branding, but would like more than the 8 business pieces, can I add on additional items and have them included in my package?

OF COURSE!  If you are interested in additional items, we will discuss that once we begin your business set.  I will include the cost to your final payment OR you can add them on HERE.  Please note that once your branding is completed and I have closed your file out, you must place yourself back on the wait list if you would like to add pieces in the future.

9. I’m interested in a custom blog package, what do I need to get started?

- All of my custom blogs are based on WordPress themed platforms.  You must either be using WordPress already OR be willing to switch unless you are familiar with coding and html for other blogs (Blogger, Typepad, etc.).  In most cases, you will be able to import your posts from your previous blog.

- If you currently have a blog through, you will need a full installation that will be hosted on YOUR website. will not allow custom blogs.

- You will need to provide your CPANEL information in order to have your blog installed and customized.  This will most likely have been sent to you when you first signed up for hosting services.  Hosts will typically send out a welcome letter that includes your CPANEL.  Typically, it is a link, username and password.  This will allow us access to the back end of your website.

10.  I would like to see more samples of your work, where can I find that?

The absolute best place to see my recent work is on my Facebook page HERE.  I update my page daily!  However, you can also view my portfolio right here on my blog.  Simply go to the main page of my blog and in the MENU bar you will see a drop down menu for DESIGN PORTFOLIO.

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Mitzi - May 24, 2012 - 11:20 am

Hi Corina,

First let me tell you I am so glad I came accross your site, I think you are AwEzOmE!!! and I want to be just like you someday =]

Well, I’m starting out in this beautiful world of photography and I feel the need to purchase a backdrop stand but with so many brands I am not sure which one to get, would you recommend any brand?

Thanks for your tutorials and your recipes.


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