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PinnerTest and Reducing Bloat FOREVER

‘Do you suffer from ongoing stomach problems?  Bloating, discomfort, pain, and looking like you are four months pregnant by early afternoon?  Thinking of starting a long and difficult elimination diet?  Reduce and eliminate ALL of those symptoms with one single test… PINNERTEST!’

Autoimmune diseases are one of the fastest growing medical issues in our country today (perhaps the world).  We all have people in our lives’ who suffer from things allergies, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, IBS, constipation, regular stomach bloating, poor adrenal function, hormonal imbalances, celiac, Crohn’s, extreme fatigue, dependency on coffee and stimulants, lack of quality sleep, etc.?  Luckily as each day passes autoimmune research dramatically increases.  Doctors and scientists are learning more everyday and while some autoimmune diseases seem to still remain a total mystery one common demoninator can usually found… GUT HEALTH!

Did you know that over 80% of our immune systems are located in our digestive health?

Our stomachs have a lining within the intestinal walls which is technically supposed to be tight and close knit.  This lining is our first line of defense for our immune system.  Dysfunction and health issues can arise when we eat foods that our bodies do not like, cannot digest properly, are allergic to, or even just a little sensitive to.  Have you ever eaten a meal or specific food that doesn’t completely agree with you?  I’m sure we have ALL been there.  Over time that lining gets worn down and holes begin to form when someone continues eating these foods.  When the holes grow large enough they eventually allow undigested food to enter the blood stream and our immune systems start to fire in every direction.  It wants to know what’s going on, what organs & tissues are being effected, and what it needs to do to protect itself (YOU).  Inflammation begins, intestinal lining is further comprised, holes & leaks become larger, and a HUGE variety of medical conditions and diseases can begin to arise.

While I do not think that my spinal condition was necessarily caused by gut issues, I know first hand about digestion problems leading to inflammation.  Although not too extreme, I’ve struggled with them most of my life.  I would eat a meal or specific food and within 10-15 minutes my stomach would bloat to where I looked 3-4 months pregnant and find myself in extreme pain.  I’ve lived with this nearly all of my life and never knew exactly why or what was causing this…

reducing bloat forever

Not only did my stomach hurt, but another thing I’ve noticed this year is if I have ANY digestive issues where I look like this, my spinal nerve issues and overall pain dramatically increase.  Prior to my spinal cysts I could handle the occasional bloating and knew it would eventually go away.  Further inflammation and aggravation and inflammation of my spinal cysts though?  Absolutely BRUTAL.  It’s SO widespread now and I feel it everywhere from my toes to my fingers to my head and everything in between, literally.  Days where I had this type of bloating put me completely out of commission.  These were moments where I felt the most helpless and hopeless because nothing ever helped.  My only option was letting it pass after a couple of days… days which were basically spent in constant level 8-9 pain from the aggravated inflammation my body was having in my stomach.

Within the past 3-4 years I thought I had narrowed down the food culprits, but after the abnormal blood work for autoimmune diseases I decided I would jump in head first to some lifestyle changes and dietary “restrictions” to help improve my overall inflammation.   Research began within 12 hours of speaking with my doctor about our next steps to narrowing down which autoimmune disease/s I’m dealing with.  I was FLOODED with loads of information, articles, YouTube videos, study after study after study, and honestly felt entirely overwhelmed.  However, nearly everyone I spoke to or came across with an autoimmune disease had implemented a new nutritional guideline using an autoimmune protocol with some success in their conditions coming over time.

The idea behind AIP (autoimmune protocol) is that you narrow down which foods cause you ANY issues.  Reactions could range from a simple upset stomach to bloating, gas, diarrhea, acne, fatigue, brain fog, insulin spikes, and other various reactions, etc.  When you begin with AIP, people are required to take EVERYTHING out of their diets.  Its similar to the “Whole 30” diet but with even further restrictions. You aren’t allowed to eat gluten, grains, eggs, dairy, seeds, nuts, nightshades vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, goji berries, and a handful of spices), sugar, and really everything else you want to eat.  You are literally allowed to have like five foods and then only begin to reintroduce foods after a month or so… like one food at a time.

Who really has time & energy for that long process?

Not this girl.  And not this girl who loves FOOD and eating way too much.  I already knew that I had ZERO reactions to most things on an AIP diet.  However, I also knew there were clearly foods that bothered my stomach which leads to extra inflammation and therefore more pain.  I considered starting an AIP diet for about two seconds, but then stumbled upon the perfect solution!

SO excited to introduce you to…


reducing bloat forever

Guys.  I am absolutely thrilled to share this test with you.  It’s LIFE CHANGING.  For anyone that suffers from stomach, digestive issues, food intolerances, autoimmune disease, and/or excess inflammation this is a must!  If you go to your doctors office and say you “think” are allergic to something, they will most like ask what your symptoms are.  If it’s only bloating and you have some upset stomach problems, chances are they will NOT do allergy testing.  Allergies are very different than food sensitivities.  Typically allergic reactions are immediate.  Food intolerances and sensitivities on the other hand are trickier.  Some reactions can take up to 72 hours to occur.  Do you know how difficult it can be to narrow down the problematic foods that bother you when you may not even feel anything for 3 whole days?

Here is a list of some signs & symptoms of food intolerances:

reducing bloat forever

I opted to purchase a PinnerTest simply because I would immediately know if I had a reaction to ANY of the 200 different foods it tests for.  These are everyday things like including dairy products, eggs, grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, various animal proteins, various drinks, sweeteners, fish/seafood, and even spices.  I could spent months or years or even decades (as I have until now) trying to narrow down my trigger foods OR I could take a quick, simple test that would only take about a week for results.  Yeah, I’d opt for PinnerTest each and every time.

The process is so effortless…

Kit arrives in the mail with an information sheet, test, instructions, and a prepaid envelope for return.

reducing bloat foreverreducing bloat forever

Super informative brochure explaining food intolerances, why they are dangerous to our health, what PinnerTest is, and how it works.

reducing bloat forever

The testing kit is pretty self explanatory.  The clear instructions to collect the sample, two needle ‘dispensers’ (similar to the ones a diabetic would use to prick their fingers for glucose readings), an alcohol prep pad, the blood specimen card, and a little band aid.

reducing bloat foreverreducing bloat foreverreducing bloat forever

The blood collection instructions also include the information for the company/lab.  This needs to be filled out AND returned WITH your blood sample.  Be sure to have your correct email listed because thats where your results are sent within 7-10 days!

reducing bloat foreverreducing bloat forever

Alrighty, lets do this!

reducing bloat foreverreducing bloat foreverreducing bloat foreverreducing bloat forever

And just like that, you’re just about done!  Fold up the specimen card, grab that information form, and place both items in the return envelope.  The process takes under 3 minutes and you didn’t even need to leave your house, drive to any appointments, wait on any doctors or lab techs, get pricked over and over, or have a ridiculous amount of blood drawn.

reducing bloat foreverreducing bloat foreverreducing bloat forever

Hand it right to your postman or drop it in any USPS mail box!  Then you wait about a week for your results!

reducing bloat forever

Ready to see my results?  All of these years of wondering what foods bothered my stomach.  Countless episodes of painful bloating.  A lifetime of inflammation build up which led me to an autoimmune disease.  So much unnecessary discomfort.  Pieces of my puzzle being put together.  I could not wait to see what the results showed.  The only food I knew my body couldn’t tolerate for absolute certain was SOY… everything else was a mystery and I couldn’t wait to solve it!  It was going to be nice showing my husband I wasn’t crazy to stop eating soy sauce and edamame beans… or would the results come back that I made it all up in my head???  Now we know for SURE!

Another thing I love about PinnerTest is its thoroughness.  Everything is so clearly explained, there really isn’t a reason to have any questions outside of “What upsets my stomach?”.  The results even show the varying degrees of sensitivity.

reducing bloat forever

And finally… my results!

reducing bloat forever

I’m NOT crazy… well not entirely anyways!!!  Soy, level 2!  BAM… take that husband.  I DID in fact know soy bothered me!  Very very satisfying feeling 🙂  And I can’t even imagine what eating a Brazil nut (level 3) would do to me… the pain I’m in with soy (level 2) is horrendous.  The thought of it being worse eating that nut???  Thank GOD I don’t ever eat them.  Thank you PinnerTest for saving me from those repercussions!

Totally surprised (and sad) to learn about the pineapple, walnuts, and sesame seeds though.  Makes a ton of sense when I think back now.  I was making my own hummus almost every single week, but that was also during a period where my stomach was out of control.  I ate hummus just about every single day, had stomach pain and bloating, but never made the connection because my diet was so varied each day/week!  I assumed it was artificial sweeteners or something along those lines I must have been eating.  Nope.  Sesame seeds in the tahini!  Who knew???

Here is a side by side overview of what my stomach looked like the day before my results arrived AND what it looked like after only a week of my new dietary restrictions…

reducing bloat forever

So so so happy I never have to live like that image on the left anymore!  I can officially wake up AND go to sleep with virtually the same healthy stomach now.  Over the course of the last 6 weeks after receiving my PinnerTest results, I’ve made leaps and bounds with my gut health.  Since I have such a big food intolerance to soy, I’ve had to basically remove ALL packaged/processed foods because soy is in EVERYTHING!  Luckily for me, my packaged food consumption was already very low so adapting to the nutritional changes hasn’t been profoundly negative to me.  I LOVE being able to look at nutrition labels now and making sure I will have ZERO reaction to them.

Absolutely life changing.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and stomach) PinnerTest!!!  While the price tag on this type of test may be high for some individuals, I can’t express how much more I would pay again for this peace of mind.  If you or someone you know suffers from autoimmune disease, ongoing stomach issues, battling bloat on a regular basis, having extreme discomfort after meals, or even random strange things happening that doctors can’t explain… please please please consider PinnerTest.  When I say it can be life changing (and life SAVING), I mean it with my whole entire heart!!!

And you will be on your way to a life WITHOUT bloating, discomfort, & pain, reduced chances of developing autoimmune diseases (amongst MANY other diseases which have been linked to gut health), and happy happy days!

Perhaps even more important to mention here because I have so many mothers who follow me… if your child suffers from anything like I’ve already described, please consider getting a PinnerTest for them!  If you start early with them and rule out foods that disrupt their stomachs, you could be saving them YEARS (perhaps even a lifetime) of pain, discomfort, and risk of future medical issues!

reducing bloat forever


If you are interested in purchasing a PinnerTest of your very own, I am now selling them directly as a practitioner now.  You can either buy the test on it’s own or purchase the test with nutritional counseling.  Please contact me directly for more information or to purchase your kit.

  • jill - oh my, this is what ive been needing for YEARS. so sad that answers cost so much. So glad you found your answers. Looks like I will be setting aside every penny until I can do this. I look 7 mo pregnant most days. 🙁ReplyCancel

  • Liz - This blog post came at a perfect time! Currently sitting here so uncomfortable and bloated. I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t bloated. I’ve been to an allergist but they wouldn’t test me for any foods because I don’t have an actual allergic reaction but I’ve always known some sort of food is causing my issues. I went ahead and ordered this test, even though I don’t exactly have the money for it right now, because I am so excited to see if it helps me! Thank you for letting us know about this!ReplyCancel

  • Sally Oh, FDN-P - Your “here” link to buy the test leads to a page not found 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Deb Austin - What is the price for the test?ReplyCancel

    • corina - I’m a participating practitioner now for these and offer them in my nutritional coaching practice. Test alone is $390, but I also offer plans that include coaching and strategies for each clients specific intolerances!ReplyCancel

  • Lizzette Nichols - I am interested in purchasing the Pinner Test and working to resolve my issue. I have been keto since January 2018 and was 191 lbs. and now I am 196 lbs. Why am I gaining? I work out 4-5 days per week and incorporate weight training. I am about to give up, but wanted to get more information about gut issues first. Thanks in advance!


    • corina - Hello Lizzette! The PinnerTest was HUGELY instrumental in my healing. I know without any doubt I could not have gotten where I am today without removing those foods I was sensitive to. I would love to help you with a test and nutritional coaching if you are interested. Please feel free to reach out to me via the contact tab here on my blog!ReplyCancel

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