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What’s in my NEW FitMark Gym Bag???

June 14, 2015
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Special announcement today…

fitmark ambassador

Yours truly is officially a FitMark Bags brand ambassador and I could not be more thrilled and excited to be a part of this amazing company! Oddly enough, this came at the perfect time because my husband and I have been in the market for a new gym bag for at least a few months.  Right now we use a big NIKE duffel bag and we were SO tired of having to wrestle through the one large area to find ANYTHING.  Not to mention the things that we have lost as a result of digging through & taking things out to find one item (like a glove) AND the piece of crap is falling apart already!  My husband had been bothering me to find a back pack with lots of pockets, but I always ended up empty handed walking out of the stores.  So when the company contacted me, the very first thing I went to look for was a snazzy new BACK PACK!!!  It was difficult to choose, but in the end I went for the classic “Class Back Pack” mainly because of all of the pockets and compartments (OCD checking in)!

Ready to take a peek at my new bag AND my gym necessities???  Let’s do it!!!!

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-1

First and foremost, my favorite PEScience pre workout supplements (Alphamine & Norcodrene).  I can’t even tell you how much of a difference I feel when I stack these VS. not taking them at all.  Training legs/lower body 3x per week on my current program will kick anyones ass and I swear the only way I get through it are these two products.  And FYI… there are NO miracle magic pills BUT Norcodrene is magic to me.  On days that I don’t take it, I feel a HUGE difference in my overall mood and hunger.  Literally night and day. God bless my discount coupon (30% OFF your entire order using code CORINA at PEScience).

And almost as important as my pre workout supplements on my leg/lower days, my sweet ass new Adidas “adiPower” lifting shoes.  I had been on the fence for at least a year about getting special shoes for lifting and after having these the past month, I am TOTALLY kicking myself for not buying them sooner.  The difference between these and regular shoes when squatting & dead lifting is pretty damn substantial.  I feel far more stability, more activation in my glutes, better form, and I’m already lifting more because of all that.  I *heart* them so much.

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-2Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-9

Next up, in my top pocket!  His & her gloves and my Versa Gripps!  I’ve mentioned these before on my Instagram a few times.  I’ve had mine for at least 1 1/2 years now and love them.  On my heavy days, they come in very handy when I need a little extra grip on my lifts!!!  Gloves I bought at Marshall’s for $6 I think.  Nothing fancy there.

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-3

Side pocket #1 I keep my jump rope (purchased at Sport’s Authority).  9 times out of 10, this is my warm up of choice.  It’s easy, it’s portable, I can vary my jumps/intensity, and it’s perfect to do in between sets if I want to (which I really never do at the gym, but do on occasion when I train at home)!  When I add cardio back into my program (currently #teamnocardio for at least 5 months now I think), I will most likely keep my GymBoss timer in this pocket as well for interval training/HIIT.  For now, my lonely jump rope has PLENTY of room to move around!

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-4

OK, my other side pocket is a little ridiculous but I really wanted to showcase how big and deep the pockets are on this Class Back Pack.  I usually only keep my wallet, mints, lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer, a couple of extra rubber bands, and my phone in here. Today, I also added in a few snacks, my favorite protein bars (Quest, SquareBar, and Detour).  There is actually a whole other section inside the bag with tons of separators/pockets where I will most likely keep some food in (my husband and family NEVER want to see me hangry… yes HANGRY so I need to be prepared at all times especially AFTER lifting), but for now… check out how much I can get in ONE pocket!

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-5

And now, inside the bag!!!!  Right when you open the bag, there are two mesh pockets with zippers (one right on tope of the other).  Here is the top one shown with my SlingShot (hip circle), my resistance bands, and a little brace/support I have for when my knee acts up.

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-6

Behind that are my other gym MUST HAVE’S… #1 wireless head phones!  “His” were purchased at Costco about a year ago (sorry, no link because I don’t think they are available anymore) and I have Beats and a far more affordable pair by Jambra that was purchased at Best Buy!  And #2, my Inzer Tapered Lever Belt.  Oh how I adore this.  Nothing makes you feel more bad ass than an Inzer belt & lifting shoes.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE training lower body???  No, I never skip leg day… ANY of them!

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-10

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-11

And last but not least, the Fit-Tech™ compartment with soft-support panels to securely hold most 17″ laptops!  Now, I do not bring my lap top to the gym BUT that pocket will come in very handy on road trips and plane rides where I will be needing my computer with me.  I can rest assured it will be safe and sound back there!

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-12

Some final details to show you the craftsmanship and quality on the FitMark bags…

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-8Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-7Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-13Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-8Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-14

Isn’t it pretty???  I’m in love.  It’s actually kind of funny because I’ve had the bag for about a week now and usually when my husband and I train at the gym, he’s the one who ends up carrying our bag (always insists because he is a gentlemen).  Not anymore, he kept trying to hold it for me and I was like “Nuh uh.  I got this!”  Mine, mine MINE!!!  Another thing I love about my new back pack is that even with ALL of this stuff in the bag, once you put it on it doesn’t look obnoxiously huge AND it feels SUPER light.  No magic pills, but I think I have a magic back pack now haha!

Want to see it in action?  Keep in mind that I’m a little itty bitty thing (only 5′ tall) so it may look big on me, but it feels oh so right.  Also, excuse the extreme awkwardness that exudes me.  As you can see from my blog, I don’t post many pictures of myself and there is a reason for that LOL!  My place is behind the camera NOT in front of it!!!

Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-15Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-16Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-19Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-18Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-17Corina Nielsen- FitMark Bags-20

I know… I’m awkward.  But what can a girl do?  Going to rep my PEScience and FitMark bag PROUD!!!

Use coupon code FRIENDS15 for 15% OFF your FitMark bag at

If you are interested in receiving 30% OFF on your PEScience products, use my code CORINA at checkout at

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