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Zevia Love & HEALTHY Ice Cream Floats

September 11, 2015
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Truth be told, I’ve actually never really been a fan of soda.  As a kid, I may have a sip or two of something, but that was about it.  Come to think of it, I don’t think we even had it in the house very often.  Definitely for parties and get togethers, not something we had day to day.  I was much more of a lemonade, chocolate milk, juice kind of kid.  However, the one type of soda I did really really enjoy (still very rarely ever had though) was root beer!  It was always my favorite.

As an adult, my drinking taste buds didn’t change much either.  I did trade my store bought lemonade in for a healthier version using fresh lemons & stevia and my fruit juices in for freshly pressed ‘green’ juices.  I also drink a TON of water every single day (at least 1.5 gallons to be exact)!  Every now and then I would crave a root beer here and there, but always avoided drinking regular soda simply because the carbs/sugar weren’t worth the macros (I MUCH rather eat my calories than drink them).  Sometime last year though while shopping at Sprout’s, I stumbled upon a HUGE variety of soda cans and my attention peeked.


the ZERO calorie soda!

Familiar with it???

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-1

Never heard of the stuff at that point, but they had flavors like cola, orange, lemon lime, grape, cream soda, ginger ale, strawberry, and…. ROOT BEER, ‘Ginger Root Beer’ to be exact!  I looked at the nutritional label & ingredients and was SHOCKED by what I saw:


I couldn’t believe my eyes!  A healthy and virtually CALORIE FREE soda???  ALSO… as of recently, that ‘caramel color’ in the darker Zevia sodas have ALL been removed!  Obviously, as a flexible dieter I don’t care too much about things like that, but to know consumers have requested that ingredient be removed AND to see that they listened… well, it says a lot about the company I think!  They were already succeed in their mission to create a healthier soda alternative, but managed to make their products EVEN better!!!

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-3Corina Nielsen- Zevia-4Corina Nielsen- Zevia-5Corina Nielsen- Zevia-15

Needless to say, I was on board.  First sight of that single Root Beer flavor & the nutritional facts, I knew I had to give it a try.  I bought a can at the checkout of Sprouts, cracked it open, held my breath, and braced myself.  It all sounded great and dandy, but there was no way it would actually taste good.  Boy was I WRONG!  It didn’t take much more than a lick.  One sip and I was SOLD!  So many childhood memories came back and I found myself feeling nostalgic about my the days I would ask my dad to bring back some A&W root beer from the store.  Good times.

I walked right back into Sprout’s and bought a six pack of the ‘Ginger Root Beer’, a six pack of the caffeine free ‘cola’ for my daughter (the only flavor soda she really likes, but rarely gets to drink), and a few of the single cans the store had available in the cooler.  Each and every flavor we got was good!  I went through that initial purchase in a little over a week… WITH the help of my daughter!  Can I just mention how great it is that I now have an alternative for her to drink as well?  One that I can feel totally comfortable with giving her EVERYDAY??  It’s a great knowing that she would now prefer having a Zevia over a regular soda!  Priceless!!!

Anyways, loved our new soda alternatives and just when I was about to drive over to Sprout’s to replenish our Zevia stash, my husband called from our regular super market (Von’s/Safeway) and told me that they carried my Ginger Root Beer (as well as a few other favorite flavors)!  I was so excited to hear that because it meant I didn’t have to drive all the way to Sprout’s each time I needed to buy more.  Zevia was only 5 minutes away from me AND they had our favorite flavors!  SCORE!!!

So, fast forward a year.  I still keep regular stock of my favorite Ginger Root Beer at ALL times!  It’s been great having another beverage option to change things up here and there.  Normally, once I get my regular water out of the way each day, I will have a Zevia with my dinner, ESPECIALLY on days we are grilling!  I swear, nothing beats a cold bubbly soda and a delicious BBQ chicken sandwich.  No idea what it is, but it’s a must for me!

Aside from the occasional Zevia with my dinner, I’ve also been trying to come up with unique recipes using all of those glorious flavors the company offers.  So many options and combinations.  The sky is the limit and any places you would use a regular soda, you can easily substitute with Zevia.  Not only is it delicious, but it’s a MUCH healthier alternative.  Again, if you are anything like me, eating my food is far better than drinking it!  And now I never have to worry about “wasted” calories on regular soda drinks!

Obviously, one of the first things I had to make with my Zevia was something with my favorite Ginger Root Beer flavor and it HAD to be an ice cream float!  The first few times I made them, they were very traditional, nothing fancy, simple, just the Ginger Root Beer and vanilla ice cream.  However, last week I had a WILD idea for a recipe and although I wasn’t sure it would work, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I had to give it a try.  Now, I’m aware this may sound totally odd, but I promise you, this is by far the BEST variation of a root beer float I have EVER had.  I couldn’t believe how delicious it was.  Bear with me, hear me out…

3 basic ingredients:

  1. Ginger Root Beer Zevia
  2. Vanilla ice cream (I used Halo Top)
  3. ‘Pumpkin Spice’ MuscleEgg

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-14

You add 3/4 to 1 cup of ‘pumpkin spice’ MuscleEgg to a glass.  I know.  I told you.  It may sound strange, but that MuscleEgg is SO versatile and beyond delicious, it’s also a MUST for all your Fall baking.  The pumpkin spice flavor is spot on and can be used in smoothies and ANY baked goods you can think of.  Why not in a float too???  What’s great about using it (other than the ridiculously delicious flavor) is it makes the nutritional profile for the floats that much better!  A whopping 25 grams of protein in every 8 ounces of MuscleEgg!

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-6Corina Nielsen- Zevia-7

Next, add your ice cream… again, I used Halo Top simple because its delicious and healthier than regular ice cream.  Only 240 calories, all natural, no artificial sweeteners, no corn syrup, and a little bit added protein than the typical vanilla bean ice cream!  It’s creamy and the flavors are all super rich.

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-8Corina Nielsen- Zevia-13Corina Nielsen- Zevia-9

And then top with the Ginger Root Beer Zevia

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-10

It’s perfect just like this, BUT make it extra special with a few sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice!!!  Goes from great to amazing just like that!

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-12

Corina Nielsen- Zevia-11

Pumpkin Spice Root Beer Floats!!!

These are downright perfect if you ask me!  And Zevia???  YES YES YES!!!  Find it, try, fall in love with it!  Make the switch guys… your body will thank you for it!!!  Proof is right here in the nutritional profile.  Seriously though, take a look at the difference between a traditional root beer float and my version (Pumpkin Spice MuscleEgg added to BOTH):


Look at the difference in overall calories, fat, CARBS/SUGAR, and even the fiber!  Who would have thought you could get FOUR grams of fiber in a root beer float???  Protein is even slightly higher in my version (thank you Halo Top)!!!

Now, I realize that this “Fall” flavored drink might be considered seasonal, but the possibilities are ENDLESS with this drink!  Because Zevia has SO many amazing flavors and MuscleEgg & Halo Top both have a nice variety of flavors as well, you could add in that extra boost of nutrition (and PROTEIN) in so many types of ice cream floats.

How do these sound?

So many possibilities.  So many combinations.  A clearly different take on an ice cream float with #ClearlyDifferent ingredients!

Pumpkin Spice Root Beer Float

Serves 1
Meal type Dessert


  • 1 cup Pumpkin Spice 'MuscleEgg' egg whites
  • 2 scoops Vanilla Bean 'Halo Top' Ice cream
  • 1/2 cup Ginger Root Beer Zevia
  • 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin spice


Step 1
In a tall glass, pour in pumpkin spice MuscleEgg, add ice cream, and slowly pour in Zevia. Sprinkle with pumpkin spice.

DISCLAIMER: this post is sponsored by Zevia. All opinions expressed and original recipe are my own.

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