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3 Make Ahead Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

February 28, 2018
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“3 Make ahead breakfast meal prep ideas that are all low carb, keto, and paleo friendly!  Plan out an entire months worth of breakfast ideas and have them made in under 15 minutes!”

Hi Friends!  Today I’m excited to share another meal prep with you.  This one is extra special because I’m actually including THREE different meal ideas… one of these has an option for a sweet variation which means you could potentially have FOUR weeks worth of make ahead breakfast ideas for the entire month!  These are all low carb, keto, paleo friendly, and in about the same amount of time it would take to make a single meal you will actually have 5-6 meals prepped for yourself.

Meal #1

First up I made waffles out of my keto bread recipe.  These were paired with a simple bed of greens and a chicken sausage.  Simply make the waffle batter, warm up your waffle maker, fry up the sausages, make your waffles, and put the meal together.  Save even more time if you turn these into pancakes and cook them all off at one time on a large skillet!

You can pop the whole container in the microwave to reheat or if you are like me and enjoy your waffles a bit crispier, just throw them in a toaster or toaster oven.  Bonus points for slathering these with some butter or ghee and drizzling on some Lakanto syrup.  I wouldn’t be the slightest bit angry if you also threw on some sliced berries!

Find the waffle recipe HERE!

Meal #2 

Savory sun dried tomato breakfast sausage cookies and scrambled eggs.  The dough for the sausage cookies couldn’t get easier.  Once the sausage is browned, simply add everything to a large bowl.  Divide, portion, place on a lined silpat, and bake for 15-18 minutes until golden brown.  While those are baking up, scramble your eggs and garnish with a little fresh parsley.

Find the breakfast cookie recipe HERE.

Meal #3

Savory AND Sweet breakfast crepes!  These are pretty genius if you ask me and are guaranteed to become a staple in your low carb meal plan.  All of the ingredients for the batter can be made in a blender, then you just have to decide whether you ware going with sweet, savory, or BOTH!  I opt for both for variety!  The sweet version for the batter has stevia, vanilla extract, and cinnamon while the savory version has a mix of spices and the savory has spices and spinach to boost the nutrient density even further.  Pair these with whatever you like: cheese, fruit, low carb crackers, nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, help hearts, chia seeds, or yogurt.  I love this option because these are great for on the go eating (and can be reheated OR eaten cold).  They are both delicious as is!

Find the crepe recipe HERE.



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    April 7, 2018 at 9:18 pm

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    April 20, 2018 at 3:04 am

    I just made your Keto bread. I only had a a small 4 loaf silicone pan, so I divided the recipe into 4 portions. It was perfect!! I toasted one portion for a “cracker”. Yum! Thank you for this low fat option. And it is sooo easy to make?

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    Susan Edwards
    January 9, 2019 at 3:58 am

    For the crepes, looks delicious, but is it really 7 eggs for 1 serving?

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      January 10, 2019 at 9:24 pm

      That macros are for 1 crepe, but the recipe makes 9-12 depending on the size of them! Hope that helps!

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