Keto Kickstart

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The most comprehensive 30-day guide to keto has arrived!!!  All of the information you need to get started with a highly nutritional ketogenic diet.  Learn tips for weight loss success, meal planning, lifestyle, and how to start this lifestyle.

Wondering how to kickstart a HEALTHY keto diet SUCCESSFULLY?

If so, you are not alone.  You have heard how easy is it to lose weight cutting carbs and you’ve also heard there are other impressive benefits such as more energy, better sleep, stronger brain function, less food cravings, and even better mood.  There is no better time to dive into the ketogenic diet, how this way of eating works, the science behind it, how to properly set it up, and how to make keto EASY in 2019!!!

How Keto Changed My Life:

Four years ago my own medical journey began.  I was diagnosed with an incurable and untreatable spinal disease that left me almost entirely bed bound.  In the beginning, day by day my life was being taken away from me.  My spinal disease also triggered fibromyalgia so I was basically in pain head to toe nearly 24 hours a day, everyday.  It was such a dark and scary time for me and my family.

With no help from my doctors, I took my health into my own hands. Some people get their toes wet with lifestyle changes, but I dove right in… head first.  One of the first things I did was change my diet.  It was structured on Wahl’s Protocol which is based on a whole foods paleo approach (levels 1 & 2), but I felt so good that jumped into level 3 or keto and have not looked back since.  Within 2 weeks my life was changing.  My husband no longer had to carry me to the bathroom or upstairs to our bedroom and 1-2 months I was back to exercising regularly.  I had energy, the darkness was lifted, I was optimistic, and I had hope.

Where to Start:

It has to start somewhere for everyone.  I’ve toyed with the idea of putting an ebook together for a few years now, but knew I would never be able to tackle such an enormous project properly.  Fortunately my friends at Perfect Keto have developed one of the most comprehensive 30-day programs I have ever come across.  There is so much quality information packed into this guide friends.  Nutritional information, lifestyle tips, meal planning guide, weekly assessments to track your progress, and above all the SCIENCE to back up this way of eating including:

  • All about glucose
  • What are ketones and how are the used
  • How your cells convert fuel from your food into energy
  • Insulin sensitivity vs. insulin resistance
  • Cravings
  • Weight gain, even though you’re dieting
  • Ketogenic diet affect muscle gain?

Why This Program?

Keto Kickstart is the doctor-developed program that will give you everything you need to start and stick to the ketogenic diet so you can take back your health, lose the extra pounds, regain your confidence and feel your absolute best.   It’s written by the leadership at Perfect Keto, my friends Dr. Anthony Gustin (@dranthonygustin), Chris Irvin (@theketologist) and Jane Downes (@janehdownes).  They’ve helped literally 1000’s of folks crush their keto diet, and they compiled all their experience into this one month program.

Best of all? It’s 100% FREE.

What’s the big deal about Keto Kickstart?

HEALTHY keto. Not lazy keto, not dirty keto, but a clean, SIMPLE approach that works and you can always come back to.  For instance, you will receive a comprehensive list of OPTIMAL keto foods including proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and even condiments and herbs.

However, it’s not just about food though. Keto Kickstart emphasizes how to get great sleep, lower stress, move well and improve your well being.  The purpose of the Keto Kickstart is to bridge the gap between:

Point A): Wanting to get healthy, and

Point B): Actually doing it

Frequently, the problem is simply where to start. Keto Kickstart takes you step-by-step exactly how to start. This includes ALL of the following items (and more):

  • The Keto Kickstart Cheat Sheet
  • Meal Planning Guide + Shopping List
  • Healthy Keto-friendly Food Lists
  • How To Stay Keto When Eating Out
  • How To Stay Keto While Traveling
  • Keto-friendly Supplements Guide
  • Lifestyle Guide (tips on hydration, sleep, stress, etc.)

In addition, the program also includes assessments for you to complete so you can keep track of your progress!  Stay accountable throughout the entire process.

What Do You Get?

The Keto Kickstart is a free 30-day program conveniently delivered straight to your inbox that will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to start and stick to the ketogenic diet the RIGHT way.  And while I don’t necessarily preach a “right” and “wrong” way to approach eating, this guide sets you up on an optimal way to achieve a healthful ketogenic diet.

Many first-time keto-ers end up eating an unhealthy “keto” diet that keeps them from reaching their health goals. With Keto Kickstart, going keto is easy, delicious, and healthy. Sign up now – there’s literally no commitment and nothing to lose. Except inches, stress, tension, bad habits, etc.

We’ve got you covered in this 30-day, step-by-step program that will kickstart you into fat-burning mode.  Eating low-carb keto doesn’t have to be difficult OR complicated. Get everything you need in this 30-day program, including:

  • Tips and tools on how to get into and stay in ketosis
  • Shopping lists
  • Easy, family-friendly recipes
  • Easy lessons on how ketosis actually works
  • Learn how to figure out if you’re in ketosis and track your progress

Who Is Keto Kickstart For?

This kickstart is for you if you’re:

  • Interested in the keto diet, but never tried it
  • Tried the keto diet and hated it
  • Tried the keto diet and didn’t see any benefits
  • Are currently following the keto diet and want some more support
  • You’re a human who wants to stay healthy and vibrant for a really long time

During these first 30 days, you’ll learn:

  • transition from burning glucose to burning fat and ketones for energy
  • food quality and how to choose the highest-quality foods
  • reading labels and choose your food wisely
  • reducing your sugar cravings
  • movement is imperative to your health
  • turning this “diet” into a lifestyle

Are you ready to kickstart your keto diet and make it work for YOU???


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