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Everyday Ramblings: Edition 6- Fluctuations In Your Body

May 26, 2015
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Posted this on my Instagram, but felt it necessary to post here on my blog as well…

Corina Nielsen- Live Fit Blog

“Posting these pics for a couple of reasons. Picture on the left was last night after the family had dinner at PF Changs (I’m not even pushing my stomach out a little bit) and picture on the right was just now (about 16 hours later), unflexed, no filters, no weird angles, post 1 gallon of H20 and a few meals….

OK so point number 1: your body will change DAILY, if not hourly. In most cases, things will return to normal overnight so don’t stress out about the fluctuations! Social media pics you see in your feed show a VERY tiny glimpse into what people actually look like the other 23.75 hours or the day.

Point number 2: I left the restaurant last night feeling satisfied, full, fueled, happy to be with my husband and kids, no stomach pain at all, but obviously super bloated. I didn’t feel remotely close to how I actually looked and this difference is quite unusual for me! However, I do remember going into the Victoria Secrets dressing room (probably not too smart when you look 6 months pregnant BUT aren’t), snapping this picture and thinking “holy crap, my stomach really is huge”. My first instinct was OK, tomorrow I increase volume on my lifts AND will definitely throw some cardio in because that will bring things back to normal again. I woke up ready to workout, BUT instead of doing the extra work in hopes of “fixing” my stomach, I took a step back and thought to myself “Nope, I don’t feel like doing cardio. I will lift like normal and that’s that.”

More importantly, I also reminded myself that during a reverse dieting & building phase, cardio should be fairly limited (most people don’t do any and I actually haven’t done any in months other than some METCONS here and there). Bottom line is I had to remind myself to TRUST the process. It’s hard seeing our bodies change so rapidly sometimes. However, if you learn to love the whole journey AND yourself at EVERY stage, the process is SO much more enjoyable and these fluctuations/changes will be insignificant. I feel strong, I feel beautiful, I’m happy with the progress I’m making, and I’m giving my 100% effort every. single. day. That’s ALL that matters.”

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    August 2, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    Hello Corina,
    your blog has been so helpful for me, Im so happy I found you. I have a small question, Maybe you can help me.. I have been eating super healthy, Im 27 years old (I eat around 1300 cal) do exercise everyday (High and low interval exercises), everything was going well last year. But now It has been around 6 mothns I feel my stomach bloated” like if I have swollen a balloon, I started to have constipation problems, I try to eat food with fiber, eat healthy food, do exercise and have a healthy life.. I dont undersatd why I have inflammation on my stomage or in my intestines if I eat healthy, I dont eat fastfood, sodas, spicy food, and I dont over eat at restaurants… I dont understad why if Iam having a heathy life I have these problems. What do you recomend I should do?
    Thanks you very much!!
    It will mean a lot to me if you could give me a hint of what should I do.

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