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Heavy Metal Testing & Improving Low T3

In the nutritional and functional medical world, “heavy metal” testing seem to be huge buzz words over the

Bacon Ranch NO-TATO Salad

It won’t matter if you are on a low carb, ketogenic diet or not.  You will only need to make this side dish ONCE

Chunky Chocolate Keto Granola

Keto cereal?  Kind of sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?  Now I can’t speak for everyone, but do you know

My FAVORITE Keto Bread (5 WAYS)

If you happen to follow a ketogenic diet, I can almost guarantee you have already heard of the infamous “90

Homemade “NUTELLA” and Energy Bites

Nutella… who doesn’t absolutely LOVE it? Me actually!!!  While I DO love that classic chocolate hazelnut

Favorite Homemade Salad Dressings

I have an extra special treat for you today!  After YEARS of requests on my blog and Instagram (literally…years

Big Life Update…

and by “BIG” update, I mean detailed life update ? NEWS FLASH… Did you know that when you spend an

10 Minute Cauliflower Fried Rice

If someone asked me to list my top 5 favorite low carb/keto meals, THIS cauliflower fried rice would be listed at the

Full Day of Eating Keto Episode 2

Here’s another look at a full day of keto eating for me!  Full video can be seen on YouTube. Keeping a keto diet

Food and Meal Prep: YouTube Episode 2

Happy to report that I was able to get another food & meal prep video uploaded to my YouTube channel!  On this

Garlic and Herb Flax Crackers

As much as I love my ketogenic lifestyle, one of the biggest hurdles I face (as a HUGE snacker & nibbler mind you)

Grain Free Low Carb Coconut Shrimp

‘A grain free AND low carb coconut shrimp recipe with the most perfect healthy sweet chili sauce.” Oh man I

Full Day Of Eating Keto: YouTube Episode 1

There are MANY different ways to approach a ketogenic way of eating (or any way of eating for that matter)…. When

Family Blog: YouTube Episode 1 Today is extra special for me because I’m going to be giving